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"Learn to let God be enough."(via worshipgifs)

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Maybe it’s because I’m the kind of person who likes to debate/argue with myself more than anyone.

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Anonymous: is ur college dalton state easy to get into and also what are you studying to be

I don’t go there anymore. Check out the requirements on their website to see if you qualify! :)

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I wish what I wanted to do with my life wasn’t so frowned upon. Just because you think it doesn’t sound like what YOU would want to do doesn’t mean my passion can’t be there. Call me naive, but I’m not going to school to make tons of money. I’m going to school to educate myself on something I have my heart in. So when I wake up every morning, I don’t dread going to work. My happiness will overpower any money you make(or my “lack” of), ultimately. You do you, I’ll do me. But I hope you can find the passion and happiness that I find in my career, in yours. Money doesn’t conquer all.

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The Battle of Me vs Myself

It’s just weird. It’s weird that I know what’s best for me, yet I choose not to seek it. I know what can save me, what will give me peace and comfort, yet I deliberately ignore it. I don’t know why I do it. I don’t know why someone who strives to do what is right doesn’t even bat an eyelash when I know what I’m doing isn’t right… for me. I feel a sense of freedom in this position, even though I’m turning away from the freedom I’ll soon run to with a heart full of sins begging to be freed. It’s a constant battle of me… vs myself. Because You have never battled me. And for today, I’m claiming victory. Because no matter what, I have You on my side. And suddenly the Battle of Me vs Myself got a little easier. 

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"I’m starting to find that everyone’s Christian faith is utterly, uniquely different. Not so different on loving Jesus and loving people — but the way we wrestle through doctrine by strict academia or by poetic reflection, how we sing at the top of our lungs or in quiet osmosis, how some of us pray at sunrise in a pew or at three a.m. on a beach, how some of us are dying to journal or would rather die than journal, how our political tensions clash so broadly and brutally, how one forgives so quickly and the other is bitter indefinitely, how some of us are strong in faith or we’re faith-weaklings, how we each hold onto quirks like Bible translations and worship genres and preaching styles, how we like to gather in crowds of thousands or a group of a dozen.

There’s no need to fight over these things. No need to accuse another of being wrong, or to try to be better than the ‘other’ church, or to recast the same mold. We are so many shades of an endless jewel, a glorious community of unified diversity fueled by the endless imagination of God. I hope we don’t dash ourselves on our personalities. There is room for you and for me in this Body."
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